Program Committee

They are a group of pioneers, who spread the knowledge about DevOps in Poland. Every representative of the Committee is an activist who has been working in the IT industry for years.

Andrzej Grzesik 

ags loves distributed systems in all shapes and forms. He has written software in many languages, and continuously finds JVM his favourite platform.He believes „most software problems are people problems”, so he stirrs communities (Polish JUG), organizes and speaks at conferences (proud to be a JavaONE Rockstar!). He is passionate about all things data, because science! In his spare time… cycling, photography and books. And he is a Java Champion!

Janusz Kamieński

Developer, journalist, pen & paper RPG master and milkoholic. Active participant of dev communities, co-organizer of 4Developers, Atmosphere and DevOpsDays Warsaw conferences. Applies DevOps solutions on tech and business side wherever possible. For a dozen of years in web technologies. Since 2008 python/django + front-end developer. Gains experience and new level-ups in everyday work for, where he gets to mostly on his beloved bike. After hours founder of Raport Obieżyswiata web tv channel about Fantasy & Sci-Fi. Despite load of work still runs pen & paper RPG sessions at least 3 times a week and recently have founded official D&D Adventurers League games in Krakow.

Przemysław Koltermann

Docker Certified Associate and Docker Community Leader in Warsaw. Senior Software Engineer at Team DevOps, active everywhere where developers and IT meet, like development environment, deploy pipelines or Kubernetes. Master of Science in Computer Networking. Active Docker and Kubernetes advocate, performing lectures and trainings.

Marcin Mazurek

Engineer, geek, web scale lover. Over fifteen years of IT experience in many areas. Specialized in building teams that build and maintain large scale systems with high complexity and scaling issues. Capacity planning, monitoring, disaster recovery, high availability fan. Capex, opex, budget management, numbers addict. Always looking for ways to learn new things, having fun in doing them and be a geeker geek. Currently working as a Technical Area Director at Allegro, responsible for development and maintenance of technical services for Allegro platform and companies in a group. In Allegro since 2005, touching every possible area that could be done better. He graduated from University of Economics in Poznan, National Institute of Telecommunications in Warsaw and Executive MBA studies at University of Economics in Poznan. Insead alumni.

Rafał Małanij

Tech guy, business guy, organizer, IT enthusiast, data lover. For the past 10 years of his professional experience he was doing tech positions working with loads of data, then managing projects, managing people and finally conducting visions and customer needs to succesful delivery as a business developer. Always willing to learn, open to new ideas, especially in the Tech industry. Right now focusing on his startup projects and organizing meetup – PyData Warsaw and Genomics and Bioinformatics meetup.

Marcin Sawicki

Marcin is a Site Reliability Engineer at SignalFx, in San Mateo,
California. After spending years working on large scale automation at Facebook, he recently joined an up-and-coming monitoring startup, bringing FB-grade realtime observability to the enterprises. In his spare time he takes pictures of the night sky. You can catch him on Twitter @odcinek.

Maciej Strzelecki

Maciej is a Cloud Native and DevOps advocate and an open source enthusiast passionate about new technologies. He loves designing distributed systems and building application services platforms. Currently an engineering manager and a team leader. Has a system administration and development background. He is also an experienced IT trainer.